Lucknow Travelogue- DAY 1 : 18/1/2019

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs , capital of U.P. and a place loaded with rich cultural heritage and royal etiquette had been on my bucket list for quite a while. It’s something like that thing in your subconscious mind, which nags at times but you never make a conscious effort to achieve it. The knock finally came in form of NV’s marriage and before she … Continue reading Lucknow Travelogue- DAY 1 : 18/1/2019

A Glimpse Of Rajasthani Gourmet

Rajasthani implies from the state of Rajasthan – an Indian province well known far and wide for its Rajputana heroism, controversial Jauhar, ferocious desert and mouth-watering food. What I am going to concentrate in this photo blog is its FOOD, devoured, during a recent visit to twin cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. In sync with the norms, the food of Rajasthan is largely influenced by the … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Rajasthani Gourmet

SinnaDorai – Kadamane

Home away from home, peace and tranquility, silence, solitude, bliss. If not anything more, these adjectives still do not do justice to Sinnadorai – Kadamane. View the intro  here , and let  the scenes unfold, as I take you through the tea estate and its colonial bungalow which are sure to transpose you to an era gone by. Doesn’t the entrance itself makes you feel vintage. As you … Continue reading SinnaDorai – Kadamane

Aina Mahal – Glass Palace

The name intrigued me.  Given the task to figure out places to visit in Bhuj, this was top on my list owing to its nomenclature and closeness to our hotel. First a bit about where I am. 1st January, 2018. We landed in Bhuj, a small town in the state of Gujarat, India. Unassuming, infamous for its earthquakes , this place is scarcely populated and serves … Continue reading Aina Mahal – Glass Palace

Day 7: 06/05/2017 Changla, Pangong

It was Dalai Lama’s birthday and we decided to celebrate this day, by visiting the most enchanting beauty of Ladakh – Pangong Tso. But not before crossing the 3rd highest motorable road – Changla Pass. Ascending an altitude always throws in some beautiful shots.  These are captures from a moving object. Wonder how still , thoughtful captures would be.. As we were nearing Pangong, it … Continue reading Day 7: 06/05/2017 Changla, Pangong

Day 5: 04/07/2017 Khardungla, Nubra, Hunder Sand Dunes

I was tired, travelling and clicking had started taking its toll. Today we were supposed to leave early and head to Nubra via Khardungla pass, which is the highest motor able road in the world.  Supposedly its the second highest, since the highest is not open for general public. I took my tool once we were about to reach Khardungla. The snow was in sight … Continue reading Day 5: 04/07/2017 Khardungla, Nubra, Hunder Sand Dunes

Day 4: 03/07/2017 Hemis, Thikse, Sindhu Ghaat, Shanti Stupa

The D Day finally arrived. We were to leave early to attend Hemis Festival, the reason we went to Ladakh with Junglelore.  To me, its like a bonus if I get to attend a local festival while I visit any state or place in India. Yes its crowded, noisy but the atmosphere is always electrifying. It makes me feel closer to my country as I … Continue reading Day 4: 03/07/2017 Hemis, Thikse, Sindhu Ghaat, Shanti Stupa