Google Maps – Traffic & Route Predictions

As mentioned in my earlier posts,  I rate Google Maps as one of the most useful offerings in today’s world.  It has bestowed upon us a carefree attitude and confidence to mark the world our way.  Since we use it so often, it’s but natural that we seek more features to make our navigation experience better. Here I enlist 2 features,  which I could think … Continue reading Google Maps – Traffic & Route Predictions


Nah, its not the commodity market I am interested in. This title stemmed out of my biggest worry since yesterday – How to transfer Phone Contacts from Micromax A1 to Redmi 2 Prime ? I found the solution pretty cool and thought of sharing the same with you. On Android One, go to Phone->Settings->Import/Export. You will be presented with below options: Choose “Export to storage”. … Continue reading Import/Export

WhatsApp “Reply”

A new feature in Whatsapp……if you want to reply a specific message…now you can do it…select the post you want to will see a curved left that and you can type your answer For Apple phone users, long press the message and select ‘reply’. A long awaited feature. Particularly useful in group conversations wherein you can refer to old messages with ease . … Continue reading WhatsApp “Reply”