One Indian Girl

Had just read the first para and could visualize Supriya Pathak heaving a huge sigh, on being informed that adequate rooms are unavailable for the marriage guests. That’s Chetan Bhagat’s -One Indian Girl –  a script for a Diwali blockbuster Bollywood movie. Was intrigued to read this book once friends went gaga over it in WhatsApp group chats. Time pass read, finished in one day, … Continue reading One Indian Girl


Being off dairy products for almost a month now, with occasional bouts of B&R, I jumped at the proposition of a vegan lunch at Carrots, Koramangala, Bengaluru, India, Asia. The idea was to relive my old palate without feeling guilty about it. Was I able to do that? Let’s find out. To start with, we were pleased with the restaurant decor. A warm, inviting, colorful … Continue reading Carrots

Inorbit Kids Carnival

I had been meaning to write this blog since last Saturday. Thought, through my blog , might be able to encourage DINKS to change their status and enjoy such gala events. However, as always, underestimated my laziness. And here I am, narrating the event 10 days after its occurrence. With nothing much on hands for a Saturday evening, jumped at the proposal of accompanying a … Continue reading Inorbit Kids Carnival

Phoenix Vs. VR

In case you are wondering which creature does VR represents, think no further. Am referring to Bangalore shopping malls – Phoenix MarketCity and VR Bengaluru. With a small shopping list and desire to watch VK on big screen, I started my mall hopping journey at 4.30 P.M. on an erstwhile lazy Sunday. Itinerary included Decathlon, followed by Phoenix and then VR .  Fickle minded as … Continue reading Phoenix Vs. VR