Honey, I shrunk my brain again!!

Now that it was already shrunken, I was unable to cope up with any further ramifications and decided to do something about it. As always, I kept on procrastinating, till a post lunch  walk with AS, sorted it all out. Here’s a brief account of my self realisations, self assassinations  and self assessments. Any references to any person or event living or dead, past or … Continue reading Honey, I shrunk my brain again!!

A lot can happen over Coffee

I was tired. Not physically, but it’s the mental exhaustion I am referring to. Data structures professor had stacked all my grey cells and the only savior was D Paul’s cold coffee which stood majestically on the small table in front of me, waiting to be gulped down in one shot. On a regular day, this is exactly what would have happened. Today was different. … Continue reading A lot can happen over Coffee

DDLJ & Clifton Chronicles

History repeats,  more so when it comes to romanticism and all the drama associated with it. Thinking  of romantic melodrama , we have Bollywood, and then we have DDLJ. For unparalleled story telling, there are novelists and then we have Jeffery Archer. Connection – History repeats – Seb went to Mumbai from London to ensure he weds Priya before she gets married to a guy … Continue reading DDLJ & Clifton Chronicles