Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I was pretty excited about my 50th blog post. Had been wondering since past couple of months, as to what topic should I choose to mark the golden anniversary. Will it be a travelogue, a kid’s birthday party,  a random thought or an on the way experience?. Well, thanks to TOI and Mrs FunnyBones, the enlightenment finally happened today morning – the moment I read … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!!

My Mommy Strong Is!!

There are different kinds of mommies – tech-savy mom, facebook mom, helicopter mom, fashionista mom, shopaholic mom, masterchef mom, superstitious mom, perfectionist mom, and last not but not the least : vanilla MOM – who is the base of all and has a heart filled with selfless love and unending care for her children. Barring one or two from the list mentioned above, my MOM … Continue reading My Mommy Strong Is!!


I am not referring to your mind. After several failed attempts, I had realized, it’s practically impossible to do so. However, it is possible to declutter your wardrobe, cabinets, office-drawers, in-fact any place which can be stuffed, including your tummy.  How ? I’ll mention the steps I took. Wardrobes – Started following Sudha Murthy’s philosophy wherein she says for every new dress you buy, part … Continue reading Declutter

Happy Sunday Morning

Well , I was quite divided with the title of this blog – Should it be the Street Day At Jayanagar,  Energetic outing at LalBag, late show at Brahmin’s Cafe, or the brunch at Koshy’s. Read on to find the reason behind the final outcome. Let me start with the faux. In its 5th May  edition, TOI had advertised about its upcoming Street Day Event. Venue :  Jayanagar … Continue reading Happy Sunday Morning