Mukteshwar in One Hour

This blog is for time pressed souls who in all probability are heading towards Kathgodam to catch Shatabdi train to New Delhi and just have an hour in hand to breeze around Mukteshwar,

Like Us.

Determined to do some sight seeing on the way back from a blogging workshop at Himalayan Writing Retreat , we started towards Mukteshwar around 10:30 AM.

It was a bright sunny morning, but as we ascended uphill, the chillness in the air slowly seeped in .

The neat winding road flanked by lush green forests on either side and a clear blue sky is all we could have asked for to be in the lapse of pristine , pure nature for a little more time.

Mukteshwar is famous as the hub of Indian Veterinary Research Institute .

The reason I said hub is because of this: For the humans, by the humans, of the humans.

You could also catch a glimpse of 1905 Post Office , all refurbished and gleaming in the sun.

We were instructed to go to the temple, Chauli Ki Jali – the view point have tea and then head back. That’s what we did.

The temple is set in a picturesque locale and needs you to scale a flight of 100 odd steps to reach the summit. Go for it.

There are refreshment points at regular intervals in case you need to quench your thirst.

The main temple is adorned with bells and red cloth as offerings from devotees.

The temple itself bores a rusty look and is eye catching from all angles.

From here, you need to take a left to reach Chauli Ki Jali – the view point and zip line area.

Sometimes, its not the destination but the path which makes the journey worthwhile. This was one such experience. The short trek through the meandering woods , is one I’ll always remember. It’s a bit deserted, hence preferred in groups.

There are no signboards, so you need to rely on your instinct or fellow traveller’s knowldege .

We finally reached the view point . It gives a panoramic view of the mountains and also offers food and drinks at nominal rates. You can opt for steaming hot Maggi or full meal of rajma chawal.

There are shops selling small bird houses which I have never seen before.

Post couple of groupies, we started the descent to the taxi stand, bringing an end to a very short trip but one which I am glad to undertake.

We finally stopped at a tea shop which proved to be an icing on the cake . It gave us an opportunity to enjoy our last cuppa while appreciating the beauty of Kumaon Hills.

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