A Day Trip to Jerusalem & Dead Sea !

9th March, 2019 – Our trip to Jerusalem and Dead sea started at 9 AM in the morning. Post a heavy breakfast and some stud selfies, we started on our road trip in this beauty.

We were 6 of us , plus our guide and driver. The SUV could comfortably seat all. Soon we were cruising and entered the old city of Jerusalem from Herzilya within an hour.

After a city tour and some informative sessions on political past of Israel, we were at the gates of Church of the Holy Sepulchre. You can read more about the historical significance here.

Right now, I ‘ll try to take you through a virtual tour via the entry till the exit.

I wanted to tickle my taste buds with these delicacies, but we kind of didn’t have time for the luxuries.

The entire place reminded me of living forts in India.

The church houses the last stages of Jesus’s Passion, imprints of which can be seen all around.

The age of the church can be guessed by these wall painting, which are intriguing yet beautiful.

As you move further, you reach Jesus’s empty tomb – where he is supposed to have been buried and resurrected.

Humbled and struck by the fact that religion has the same language all across, we came across the lanes and alleys which are very touristy and interesting.

Post some shopping spree, we landed at the Synagogue with a beautiful menorah erected in front.

The church is the most sacred Christian pilgrimage site, which is evident by the huge number of visitors.

And finally we were at the most photographed place of Jerusalem – The Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock

This is the last spot you can take pictures from on a Saturday. We spent couple of moments at the Wailing wall, trying to understand its significance and absorbing the silence which surrounded the entire compound.

By the time we exited, tourist have started pouring in.

A view of the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, which was our last stop in Jerusalem before heading to Dead Sea.

Its an hour long drive to Dead Sea through the Judaean Desert . The beach is called Kalia Beach. It shares its name with a Bollywood movie.

As you might already know, Dead Sea is famous for its salt density and anti-drowning capabilities. You just float here.

As for me, I just satiated my hunger in the lowest bar on earth with a full meal of falafel and a glass of mojito.

As the food and drinks went in, I tried to drown myself in the sultry and wet atmosphere.

Leaving you here with a shot which aptly sums up the terrain: desert, sea , greenery and Fun.

That’s what our trip was all about.

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