My 2018

31st December, 2018. Am at home with my laptop and a cup of tea, oblivious to the gung-ho of new year eve celebrations around the world. Well, probably not a great way to end an year, by many standards.

This got me contemplating, and I realized that best way to bid good by to 2018 would be to create a chronicle of my 2018 misdeeds . And here they are:

RannUtsav: Gujarat, Jan 2018

A fun filled family trip undertaken to famous Rann Utsav of Gujarat in January 2018.

Takeaway – Make hay while the sun shines. Hats off to Gujarat tourism for pulling the entire show in style and grandeur.

Raspberry Soda & Berry Pulao: Mumbai, Jan 2018

Had been meaning to devour these since last 4 years. The craving culminated this year in Jan . Thanks to AJ and TS for this delicious meal. Takeaway: Never say no if someone offers you a treat at SodaBottleOpenerwala.

Porche: Lego Technic: Bangalore, Jan 2018

Isn’t this a beauty. Gifted by SJ, almost 3 years back, I finally got to assemble this beast with AJ and TS’s aid. The entire experience was exhilarating, and the end result just took our breath away.

Takeaway: Patience is the biggest virtue.

MahaShivratri: Bangalore, Feb 2018

For the first time in 37 years, I fasted. Something I had never expected myself to do in this lifetime atleast.

Takeaway: Do what you feel like as and when you want. You will be happier, with no regrets.

Holi: Bangalore, March 2018

Oh! will never forget this one. Holi, festival of colours, fun and frolic had been an integral part of my initial 22 years. This is one such day when I just don’t care about any mess in and around. Thanks to IA, I got to relive my childhood once again.

Takeaway: Childhood is remembered best when you make it a part of your present.

Marathon: 5K: Bangalore, March 2018

Another first (and probably the last ). The bucket list got a tick mark when I completed 5K marathon in 45 minutes 🙂 . The best part was completing this fete with PG chugging along .. Thanks babe, for being there.

Takeaway: Aim for the stars, and you might just be lucky to get the dust.

Brio: Bangalore, March 2018

Now this is really really big. Brio Auto, bought for Dad, and I ended up driving. A skill, mom thought I could never muster, I assumed I could never complete, but fate has something else in mind.

Takeaway: Try to listen to your subconscious mind. It knows you better than yourself..

Swing Chair: My corner: Bangalore, April, 2018

I had always wished for one of these to spend a cozy afternoon with my favourite book and a cup of pipping hot tea. And finally the dream came true when dad and mom gifted this as a birthday present.

Takeaway: Parents are the only living souls who might be able to somewhat understand all your unsaid wishes.

Plugged-in : Bangalore, April, 2018

A pic from first ever hackathon with a team you like to go back to, every day. Cheers to a long lasting workathon !!

First Acrylic: Bangalore, July, 2018

I am not an artist, but had secretly hoped to paint my acrylic one day. The opportunity soon knocked on the door, and I could complete my first acrylic with professional help of course.

Takeaway: Indulge in one hobby and bask in the calmness it bestows.

Mehrangarh: Rajasthan, August, 2018

Majestic, towering, intimidating – The Mehrangarh fort offers a scenic view of city of Jodhpur and a glimpse into the princely era gone by. A visit to this fort makes you marvel at the architectural acumen of our ancestors and treat their skill with highest regard.

Takeaway: Wish I was a part of it. When past looks so beautiful just think, how would have the present been !!

Thar Desert: Rajasthan, August, 2018:

Let’s find someplace BEAUTIFUL to get LOST. We were lost too, albeit for a very small time, in the ethereal beauty of Thar desert in India.

Takeaway: Just go with flow, Always!!!

Savandurga Trek: Bangalore, September, 2018

I though I would never trek again. However, after a hiatus of almost 8 years, I tried my legs to scale the heights and reach the summit. An achievement which wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement I received from RN, RR, KJ and WB. Kudos to you guys !!

Takeaway: Age is just a number. Will matters.

Christmas: Bangalore, December, 2018

Well what’ special about this one. I cooked pasta for the first time. Didn’t come out as I had expected, but nevertheless restored my faith in my culinary skills.

Takeaway: Eat healthy and stop Swigging around.

Apart from these, there were several other joyous moments too, like the birth of super cute babies amongst friends and families, cousin getting hitched, watching Mirzapur on my amazon fire stick, giggling with old school friends, long drives and Bira cheers !!!

Not to mention, the year did have its share of setbacks, heart aches, board room fights and family drama.

However, amongst all these, I am satisfied, happy, and eagerly looking forward to a new year with a hope of strength, peace, new life and new ME.

Signing off for now. See you in 2019.

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