A Glimpse Of Rajasthani Gourmet

Rajasthani implies from the state of Rajasthan – an Indian province well known far and wide for its Rajputana heroism, controversial Jauhar, ferocious desert and mouth-watering food. What I am going to concentrate in this photo blog is its FOOD, devoured, during a recent visit to twin cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

In sync with the norms, the food of Rajasthan is largely influenced by the climate, culture and availability. The dishes use local produce in abundance, can be consumed without re-heating, are mostly milk based products and loaded with a big dose of Ghee to make up for the paucity of water.

Our first stop was Mishrilal at Sadr bazaar Jodhpur.


A small outlet at the entrance to Clock Tower, it boasts of a small seating place, good service and lip smacking Makhaniya Lassi – a sweetened yogurt based drink.


Supposed to be sipped, it’s so thick that you need a spoon to consume it.

There is an ice box kept on every table to be used with lassi as and when required. Please note, that ice is a luxury in this city and I could see that locals never stopped using dollops of it to keep them cool.


When it comes to snacks of Jodhpur, the first item which strikes is – Mirchi Vada – a deep-fried spicy Indian snack with chilly and potato stuffing and coated with besan (gramflour).


You might not have the time or energy to visit all food joints – so try to club, to ensure things get ticked off your bucket list soon. In our case 2 were done.

Based on SB’s research, next in line was “Gulab jamun ki Sabji”  – available only at Sharma Sweet house – an inconspicuous outlet almost 5 decades old but still the best when it comes to weird combinations –  spicy curry variant of famous Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun . It looked thus:


Make no mistakes. This is Ghee, not oil. The food was super tasty and we finished all, in no time. Here we also got to taste “garlic chutney”  –  another first for SB and a bonus for me.


Well if Jodhpur streets gave us a taste of local authenticity, Haveli Inn made us experience the royalty in style.


Done with Jodhpur and still a big To-Eat list. we started our bus journey to Jaisalmer. On the way,  had Moong Dal Vada – another Indian snack which is a haven for hungry souls.  IMG_1532

Once in Jaisamler, our savior was Chandan Shree Bhojanalay –  a place where you get authentic Rajasthani meals with a pocket friendly tag.

Here I had Dal Baati Churma –  the most famous Rajasthani dish – or to say the gourmet identity of Rajasthan.


The place is neat and clean and the food is served with simplicity and love. It runs on unlimited meal concept and you can eat to your heart’s content in a nominal amount.

Apart from the fancy , there is a plain Rajasthani Thali which makes you instantly feel at home.


Jaisalmer’s love for food is visible in the Patwaon Ki haveli museum as well.

The museum also showcases the traditional Rajasthani style of eating – low seats and huge copper vessels. They make you feel closer to earth and infuse a humility while you satisfy your hunger – the most pressing human need.


Rajasthan has its share of non veg food owing to Rajputana’s inclination towards meat. So if you are a hard-core non-vegetarian don’t miss the laal maas at Trio, Gaandhi Chowk. As for me, the tummy was happy with the awesome vegetarian meal they offered.


On the way back to Jodhpur, we finally ate Pyaaz Kachori –  a fried pastry filled with a spicy onion filling.


Just to summarize – Your culinary journey in Rajasthan is incomplete withou Mirchi Vada , Pyaaz Kachori, Daal baati Churma, Makhaniya Lassi, Gulab Jamun ki Sabji, Lehsun or Garlic Chutney, Laal Maas and the “Indian Masala Chai” .

I never miss an opportunity to drink a cup as it always rejuvenate me and charges up my soul for the next lag.


What’s your idea of refreshment ? Tea or did I just hear Beer ?

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