SinnaDorai – Kadamane

Home away from home, peace and tranquility, silence, solitude, bliss.

If not anything more, these adjectives still do not do justice to Sinnadorai – Kadamane.

View the intro  here , and let  the scenes unfold, as I take you through the tea estate and its colonial bungalow which are sure to transpose you to an era gone by.

Doesn’t the entrance itself makes you feel vintage.


As you go further, the sprawling gardens with a swing, and the first sight of the bungalow are sure to take your breath away.



As always, am skipping the route details, what to eat where to stop as you are big enough to figure those out.  Just follow Google Maps- NH 75 and stop wherever you are hungry. We halted at Kamath Upaachar for a sumptuous breakfast.

Coming back to Kadamane, post a Welcome drink of Iced tea we were escorted to our room where we were kind of related to the royal family, though for a day!!


For the first time,  we had 3 beds, 3 cups and 3 towels. Hats off to hospitality.

Rooms are huge and minimally but elegantly furnished. The rooms are not air-conditioned but then did we have those during the British Raj? When in Rome , act like a Roman.

The bathroom has a skylight and all the necessities required for a luxurious bath.

This is the USP of Kadamane –  they have retained the old world charm and still managed to impart the comforts expected of a luxurious resort.

Post a hot bath and a simple but tasty lunch buffet, I headed off the shoot the property. There are total of 8 rooms, with a choice of rooms in the main bungalow and cottages.


The bungalow itself houses a dining area, library, play room and a massive billiards arena. Outside, there is a seating arrangement for late night chats, a lawn tennis and basket ball court and cycles for the pedal lovers.






To reflect its ancestral heritage, the bungalow has antiques in its nook and corner, like these:



The staff along with the manager are very soft spoken and ready to help. They will brief you with the activities to be undertaken – which include trekking till the view point, lunch by the stream and a visit to the Tea Factory.

We started with the trek – supposedly a 4 km long walk, which I thought extended to 5.


The meandering roads through the 1000 acre tea estate will never tire you with their sheer beauty and calm.


That’s my guide Chandan –  a very sweet chap who carried water bottle and an umbrella to take care of my water woes.


On the way, you will come across the houses of tea estate workers and get to see their daily activities from a vantage point.


The view from the view point is no less mesmerizing.



Don’t let the weather forecast deter you in any way. There will always be a surprise in store. Just go ahead an try to explore the property on foot.

Once back, I tried to absorb the silence of the night,  in which I could hear the DSLR processor while shooting in Night mode. As for the bungalow, it was draped in a different hue.


Next day morning, I continued my photography expedition, and here are some examples for you.




One thing which you cannot take your eyes off are the flowers blooming around.



As for the most favorite part  – Lunch by the stream.  A jostling ride in a jeep will take you to a small lake in the middle of the forest with a fairy tale bridge and woodland dining table.



The food was transported as well – pineapple curry, phulka, biryani, papad , pickle , raita and the table was set.

You can spend around an hour here, playing, clicking and eating.


This is not functional in monsoons, hence visit once in summer to enjoy this lunch in the wild.

Evening culminated with a drive around the property . With a hospital, church, temple, factory, this is no less than a mini township.



Amidst all these, you feel a calmness descending on you. Present doesn’t worry you any more, future is uncertain, now is what matters and its beautiful.

Never before I have felt so happy in a place. This is an apt hideout for read and write, if you love doing so.

For the parting shot, I leave you with this memory:


KADAMANE –  A different era protected from harsh rays of urbanization, pollution, negativity and sarcasm.

Soaked in sunshine and warmth, it is sure to change you , though for a day.

Visit it soon and let me know who were you while you were here !!

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