Great Rann – India’s Salt Desert

It had always intrigued me – for long I longed to visit this place on a full moon night to see the beauty in its full glory.

And the day finally arrived.

We were a bunch of 11 enthusiasts determined to enjoy the Great Rann of Kutch of India. This is one of the biggest salt marsh areas in the world, welcome to human intervention for just 4 months – for the rest of the year it is inundated by Arabian sea.

We left our resort around 4 to be here by 5.30 PM to view the sunset in its full glory. Being a marshy land, the area can be travelled by bus up-to a certain distance post which you need to hop on to camel carts to reach your destination.

Took couple of shots with these saviors.



And finally the desert was in sight.


I need to admit that it not a WOW moment as I had expected. And not having been to an actual sand desert, I was unable to appreciate the beauty of a white desert. Nevertheless, what I enjoyed was the sunset and my first silhouette shots with some of my most favorite people.




If you like the traditional Rajasthani attire, you can rent out the turban and pose like a Maharaja, just the way my dad did.


And finally the vista for which we waited.


Yes I know, I started with a full moon night and ended with a glowing sunset. That’s what we enjoyed, this is what I remember.

Leaving you with a shot of my attempt to hold the mighty sun, believe me the heat was too much to bear.


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