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If you have ever been to India or stay in India, I am sure you would have visited at least one place famous for its heritage – in terms of tradition, culture, or handicrafts. Or should I say,  Indian handicrafts are a perfect blend of first two –  a rich combination of tradition and culture handed across generations,  time tested,  still  beautiful and enchanting as ever. Be it Madhubani paintings from Bihar,   Chennapatnam toys from Karnataka or Blue pottery from Jaipur, each of these are unique with respect to their designs, craftsmanship and utility.

Awed by Chandrima’s posts (I have shared those on my blog) , I ordered a Work Table Hamper from The ArteCollections.

And I was in for a beautiful surprise.

This hamper includes :

  1. A blue pottery single drawer
  2. A blue pottery photo frame
  3. A blue pottery pin tray
  4. Painted glass bottle

These, along with the dimensions are explained on their website.

The products were delivered on time, neatly bubble wrapped to ensure no breakage. I appreciate the fact that the entire hamper is decently priced as apposed to the bomb you are expected to pay at other competitive websites. The USP being, they have thoughtfully designed the hampers to suit our lifestyle needs .

Since home is the new work place, I used all of these products to make my drab home office space more lively.  Have a look.



Please note that this time I took all pics from my iPhone 5S and not DSLR, and I am quite happy with the results.

Now a bit about how I used each of the products :

  1. Photo frame: That’s my favorite –  why, because it feels genuine. Exquisitely painted in blue and yellow hues, this photo frame is sturdy and elegant at the same time. I pictured it to always remind me of my favorite personIMG_0442
  2.  Next comes the pin tray. Well, in this age of digitization, I wonder if anyone would need a pin tray, I don’t. But then I found it a perfect placeholder for the souvenir, again gifted by my most favorite person.IMG_0438

3. Painted glass bottle: Researched a bit about it, and it actually belongs to Pattachitra art, from the state of Orissa. Now , I used this bottle to hold my peacock pen (More about it later). You can also use it to keep a beautiful flower as depicted on the website or just leave it as it to add that colorful charm.


4. Now coming to the most interesting part – The single wooden desk drawer. So , I have seen these in sets of 2 , 3, 6  but I have never ever seen one. Hence, this was a instant hit and fitted neatly on a my table, As for the contents, this is what I used it for: headphones, cough droplet and gums. Time pass is necessaryIMG_0444

In a nutshell, I am very satisfied with the products and the fact that work is no longer a boring task.

Since festivity is in the air , I went a bit crazy and lit up my newly designed study table. Here are the results.


Go and explore your love for Indian heritage and adopt these artifacts in your day to day lifestyle to break the mundane and add more glamour to an erstwhile dull routine.

Happy Shopping!!

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