Day 7: 06/05/2017 Changla, Pangong

It was Dalai Lama’s birthday and we decided to celebrate this day, by visiting the most enchanting beauty of Ladakh – Pangong Tso.

But not before crossing the 3rd highest motorable road – Changla Pass.

Ascending an altitude always throws in some beautiful shots.  These are captures from a moving object. Wonder how still , thoughtful captures would be..

As we were nearing Pangong, it felt as if I am in the pasture lands visited by Hiedi 

Green valleys with cattle grazing became a regular sight. Pashmina goats, yaks, horses and cows  – they made us envision how peaceful and contended life would have been  before the advent of urbanization.

Pangong freezes in winter, but we had our share of frozen lake in summers too


And then we spotted the cutest living creature on earth – Marmot.


Very human friendly and belonging to rodent family, this animal was just adorable. Had they hopped into our car, Db was ready to take them back home. Please ensure that you do not feed them. Let them remain as close to nature as possible.

Why this ?  YD’s idea to show that despite all our strength and giant technological advancements , we are minuscule before the might of nature.


As far as I remember, I was told that Pangong is a 135km long salt water lake with 1/3 in India and 2/3 in China. You can only imagine its vastness and the first glimpse was enough to get our pulse racing.


We finally reached, had lunch at one of the numerous make shift motels and made our way towards the icy blue enigma that laid before our eyes.




There are seagulls around – well I have forgotten the name of exact species as mentioned by YD.


And Bollywood movie points for some heroic shots.


The lake is too huge to walk around and is divided into 3 sections:

  1. The beginning with all the above stuff : Where your only motive is to click selfies and tick the box against Pangong lake.
  2. The second which has some beautiful introspection points and ample scope for post card perfect shots.DSC_0650DSC_0636DSC_0678
  3. The last – which is for the travelers  has tent houses along the bank of the lake.

Like an oasis in a desert, these camps offer you a comfortable stay in an erstwhile hostile environment. The temperatures were low but the warmth and hospitality of our hosts made us feel at home.

After a quick nap and hot tea, we made our way towards the salt bed . It was thronged with tourist of all shapes and sizes and temperament, Some of these were a dampener, while some resonated with our idea of a peaceful getaway, A few glimpses of that evening:





Post dinner, myself, YD and DB went for a walk along the lake. I need to admit , it was one of the most beautiful moonlit walks I have ever enjoyed . With the rhythmic sound of waves splashing across the shores,  and not a single human in sight apart from three of us, when moon shone in its full glory above our heads, and mountains gave us company, all I asked for was a deep slumber, free of worries and catastrophes of modern life.

I forgot that this luxury  can be enjoyed only by the reflections.



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