Day 5: 04/07/2017 Khardungla, Nubra, Hunder Sand Dunes

I was tired, travelling and clicking had started taking its toll. Today we were supposed to leave early and head to Nubra via Khardungla pass, which is the highest motor able road in the world.  Supposedly its the second highest, since the highest is not open for general public.

I took my tool once we were about to reach Khardungla. The snow was in sight .


It was a hot day, and sun was shining bright through the snow-capped mountains.


From 5,359m, the view of Leh valley with its maze of roads was breathtaking.


Khardungla was no less beautiful.


Couple of words of caution: keep yourself hydrated, drink small sips, and ensure you are carrying a perfume. Why? you’ll figure out once you visit Khardungla..

Khardungla might also be the highest place where you can enjoy a hot bowl of maggie and get yourself acquainted with its history.


We were here for about 10 min and then started our descent towards Nubra valley.

You might encounter traffic jams on the way due to landslides. We encountered one, but luckily it cleared within 20 min, giving us ample time to capture some beautiful frames.




As we went further down, the geographical landscape took a U-turn too.




The arid was calm and mesmerizing. Like the road below –


But the arid had its share of oasis too.

Our pit stop was Hunder village and probably my favorite place of stay so far.



The place was just 6 months old, very hospitable and comfortable.

My first experience of a tent accommodation, which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Post lunch and a peaceful nap, we headed for Nubra sand dunes.  Yess, there are sand dunes too. So you need to keep your head clear to digest the fact that you visited snow and dunes on the same day.


This place is also famous for Double hump camel rides.



I am a but confused – reason doesn’t let me torture them but then if we don’t pay, not sure how will they survive.. It’s a vicious cycle.

Wish I could capture this minus the human invasion.


It can get pretty hot, so ensure you are equipped with a pair of sunglasses, cap and water bottles.

If you have followed all my blogs till now, you would have got acquainted with my love for sunset photography. This day was no different.


Retreating sun had started casting its shadows.


Inspiring me to leave a mark in this world too.


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