Day 1: 30/6/2017 Leh

Landed at Leh exactly at 6:30 AM and from then on it was all about Acclimatize, Acclimatize, Acclimatize! To climate, culture, people and place.

Leh airport looks like a pop up from the book of Gulliver’s Travels. I wonder why do they even announce the belt number for luggage pick-up.




This is it of the Arrivals.

Leh airport should be one of the most picturesque ones in India –  the landing will take your breath away – literally.

Ensure you are laden with enough woolens before you step down the plane.  In general, never underestimate the weather here or in other words respect Nature.


Being a tourist destination, you could see everyone holding a name plate here. We had one for ours too.


Well I took couple of more shots, but since iPhone does not let you upgrade the memory, I  had to delete those ( I don’t use Cloud) . Yes I removed them from “Recently Deleted” as well.

As promised by YD, the cab was on time to pick us up.

Leh was just waking up, but our early morning ride was not as peaceful. The driver had no clue about the location, and we went round and round the same lanes. Wonder how anyone can get lost there?

After a couple of phone calls, we were finally at Ladakh Continental. Now a bit about it. Pretty decent hotel with all requisite amenities and a very hospitable staff. Rooms are neat and clean with 24 hrs hot water supply. Yes, things taken for granted are a luxury here.


Without going into further details,  food here is awesome . In fact I still miss the churma ladoos, capsicum pakoda, italian pasta and amercian chilly potato. Hats off to the management and entire staff for ensuring a comfortable stuff , while we were there.

Couple of shots from the hotel porch


On our arrival, we were advised to just take rest – don’t sleep, keep the windows open, just chit chat , don’t sleep. Woof!!!  Well all said and done, it is very important to keep a low key affair the day you reach Leh, especially if you are flying directly.  I had a constant headache for 2 days. SB suffered from low appetite and breathlessness while climbing stairs.  Don’t panic. Just take adequate rest and keep yourself hydrated.

In Leh, the day ends at 8 PM. Hence when we started at 5, we had enough hours to explore Leh bazaar on foot.

Tourism being the highlight of this place, traces of same can be seen start from the hotel till the main market.

Bargain as much as you can.  I liked almost all of these, but refrained from buying either. Remember I was already overweight.

We soon reached the gol chakkar.


A few more meters and the main market of Leh was in site.


Laced with shops on either side,  this is no less than any Mall road. You can see ladies selling local produce, curio shops and eateries, all packed with tourists and locals alike.

People here seem very happy and contended with their simple lifestyle.  Check for yourself.



And have innocence personified.

If you are not already aware, Ladakh is a biker’s paradise. People travel from all over the world for a biking experience of a lifetime.


Now for these fellas. All of their clan have furry bodies to ensure they are able to bear the harsh winters.


Tibet influence is at its peak in Tibetan refuge establishments.  Try them. You won’t be disappointed.


Other photographic highlights of the evening were:

And finally the much awaited Thukpa!! at a restaurant just below the police station. It has an amazing view, amazing food and amazing service.


It was 8 PM and time for us to head back home. Streets bore a different look now:


and sky was beautiful too.


Another day at Ladakh came to an end, leaving us hungry for more.

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Day 6: 05/07/2017 Turtuk, Diksit

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