Day 0: 29/6/2017: Bangalore As Is

4:17 A.M – iPhone rang.  Yes I never keep it in vibration mode while sleeping.
On the other end : Mam megacabs, and my fear turned true again.

Post my cab booking the previous night , I had a strong hunch that the booking has been misunderstood for AM . As per norms I didn’t listen to myself and brushed aside this notion too, only to be woken up during early morning hours. I was not surprised. Rather anxious. I was supposed to travel today and undertake the much desired vacation – to the mystic land of monks, monasteries and mountains – Ladakh.

Nestled in the Himalayan landscape of India, I have always yearned for the much hyped bike trips to this terrain. But when SB asked me to join for a Junglelore trip , I instantly said Yes. You should never wait for the odds to be in your favor, and a decision I would never repent for the rest of my life.

Went to office , had fun, everyone wished me a safe journey and indeed it was going to be one as suddenly, I was ill . Nevertheless came back home , took rest and was all set to travel at 5 PM for a 9 PM flight.

If you have ever been to Bangalore or are a resident of  Bangalore, you would understand the 4 hour gap, which to my horror seemed less when M.G road just choked.

And google maps turned dark.

Thanks to the no signal zone, I was at airport well in time .

Bangalore airport is beautiful and equipped with all state of the art facilities to ensure you are well satiated and entertained.

As for company, I had them to tug along:

Thanks to Mom’s stuffing, I was overweight . Once past the usual haggling and security-checkin, I was  at the gate entry where I devoured mom’s parathas.  Suddenly,  the camera bag fell, and to my horror I realized that none of my cabin luggage had security tags . Not now. Finally absence of tabs in everyone’s luggage reminded me that this rule is relaxed for a while at some Indian airports . Relieved , I started my 2hr 40 min flight to Delhi.


Even at midnight, Delhi was hot.  After a while, SB joined me from Mumbai. Tired and excited, we whiled away our time by devouring subway and coke, filter coffee and masala dosa. Had never been hungrier at 3 PM in the night.

A brief glimpse of the Delhi airport:



And at 5:10 AM started for Leh.

We weren’t prepared for what followed next.

As we approached Leh, the view from the flight was just breathtaking.




Our journey had just begun.  And so have my blogs. I am writing these after my vacation so might not be able to justice to Ladakh. However, will try my best to give you an introduction to a slice of earth from a prehistoric era, which is trying its best to adapt to modern mayhem.

 Day 1: 30/6/2017 Leh

Day 2: 01/07/2017 Leh

Day 3: 02/07/2017 Lamayuru, Alchi, Leh

Day 4: 03/07/2017 Hemis, Thikse, Sindhu Ghaat, Shanti Stupa

Day 5: 04/07/2017 Khardungla, Nubra, Hunder Sand Dunes

Day 6: 05/07/2017 Turtuk, Diksit

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