Food For Thoughts!!

Patience pays… why – here it morning my cabbie was very firm when he mentioned he cannot deviate from the route as the fare is calculated based on same. Pissed off, I asked him to drive soon. All throughout my roller coaster ride, was wondering if I could somehow tell Uber as to which route to take rather than letting them decide my destiny. Well aware that he would invariably take the turn I had avoided for a month, I was all prepared to walk 500 mt with 5 kg weight. To my surprise, the right turn brought my destination closer and also made me aware of Hatti Kappi in the campus. Though not as chic as Barista or CCD, nevertheless, it serves the purpose of hosting a meaningless chat well.

This entire experience made me realize that at times we just need to go with the flow. Relax, take a deep breath , be prepared for the worst , follow the path we have dreaded for long, as a pleasant surprise might just be waiting for you around the corner.

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