Hampi Across the river

After bearing the brunt of scorching heat for a day in Hampi, we were dead tired and decided not to venture out the next day. However, after a relaxing sleep  and a wish to visit the Durga temple, we left our hotel at 11 A.M and headed straight to Kishkinda –  the birth place of Lord Hanuman.  This is located across the Tungabhadra river. Earlier, the only way to reach this place was by crossing the river in a coracle or using an age-old rickety bridge. However, recent  constructions ensured a pleasing and smooth ride albeit for an hour.

The driver finally stopped at the base from where we took a flight of steps to reach the abode. Please do not forget to wear socks as you need to leave your footwear behind and the stone steps can be quite hot…


Also, don’t get intimidated by this shot. It would hardly take 10 minutes to cover the distance. And the temple will be in sight.


I liked the place instantly. It was Poornima (full moon day) and there was a yagna being performed in temple premises. It was quite a scene. There were small girls dancing to the tunes of sticks and drums, priests performing the puja and old ladies dressed in traditional attire. I really had an instant urge to know as to what’s going on but couldn’t muster the courage to ask.



The temple has cloth bags tied around, which I presume would be related to generic beliefs: You wish and tie, if it gets fulfilled come back to untie. Well I was in double minds and finally gave up.



The main temple belongs to Durga Devi. Photography is prohibited inside the main temple premises and I didn’t attempt one with an intention of not to incur someone’s wrath.

Nevertheless will give you a glimpse of light and sound show.



This capture was not intentional. However I liked the final outcome. A troubled face seeking blessings to ward off all his earthly sorrows…


Next , was the Lakshmi temple.  Another hidden jewel. The white temple along with surrounding water bodies had a very calm and soothing effect.



Since this place is supposed to belong to Lord Hanuman, you can see the footprints everywhere.


The temple has a huge dining hall attached. There was a feast going on and we also got to devour some delicious halwa.

Now if you want to visit the birth place, there is a flight of 600 steps for which I would suggest a 4 AM walk as opposed to 12 P.M ritual. Hence,  we had to satisfy ourselves with a click from its inception. This is the famous Anjenya temple in Kishkinda.


Best was saved for the last. Our cabbie finally took us to Sanapur lake. It’s vastness startled me. Considering that most of the water beds in Hampi had dried up, since my visit 8 years back, this was clearly refreshing.




Am assuming this warning came up after some mishap. However I could see people bathing and enjoying the swim under hot sun. I would suggest, you pay heed to this notice.


This is the road we took . Had to wait 10 min to catch a glimpse without any vehicular movement.


And this pic clearly captures the yin and yang – greenery and barren – and the thin line between.


Happy after a day well spent , we were back with a zeal to capture the moon, and here it is with the Hospet city in full sight.


I’ll visit this place again to create new memories and make new discoveries. Till then, Good Night!!

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