Baburam in Hampi

Who is Baburam..You need to wait for the answer..What is Hampi ? Gosh!! you never heard about it ? That’s sad.

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India. A city in ruins, yet so beautiful that you cannot stop yourself falling in love with it every time you visit this place.

My first visit was around 8 years back and I was totally awestruck. A trekker’s terrain, a photographer’s delight, a seeker’s solace –  Hampi is all rolled into one.

You can visit this city on foot, cycle, bike or car. During both my sojourns, I was in a 4 wheeler which can be a boon or a bane, considering which time of the year you visit Hampi and with whom.

Hampi is a reminiscent of the Vijaynagar Empire, its conquests , people and the culture.

Let me give you a glimpse of it.DSC_0109


This is a famous Ganesha statue supposed to be a built by a visiting grain merchant.


As you move up the hill, you are greeted by this majestic structure which according to legends, was the mediation abode of Lord Shiva.DSC_0114

Downhill and Virupaksha temple is in sight.


The temple is still functional and attracts a lot of worshipers .


Nandi statues might be a regular site in south India. However, Hampi is the only place which has a three faced Nandi to denote – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh


I was told that every temple in Hampi was constructed as per Vaastu with kitchen in south east and Yagna area in west.

Once inside the temple, just bask in its glory and rich cultural heritage. As for e.g. the place where you can see an inverted image of the gopuram to enable newly weds to take blessings by touching its peak.

The temple is flanked by restaurants, lodges and local shopping areas popularly called as Hampi bazaar. Since the day was very hot and sunny,  lunch at Mango Tree was like bliss in an oasis. Food is good , cheap and the place is relaxing. Am sure , the vibes will be different in the night –  wish to experience it some day.


Post lunch, we headed for Lotus mahal and Elephant stables.

Lotus mahal was the Queen’s palace, and it’s just beautiful.


It’s said that there are channels in the walls , which were filled with water during summer months, to ensure an AC effect. The walls have sections which were fitted with diamonds to ensure the light from the lamps get reflected and lit the entire palace. Ethereal!!


Below structure in the same compound, is the base of another palace. We were told that entire palace was made of sandalwood which was burnt during repeated Moghul invasions.


Across the wall, there are elephant stables, with different domes architecture to denote different religions of India.


Like I mentioned, Hampi is the ruins of an empire and its culture. Hence at every corner there is either a monolithic statue, a bazaar or a temple.




The day was drawing to an end and so was our energies. However, a visit to Hampi is not complete until the Chariot is in sight. And here it was:


In the complex of famous Vitthala temple.


With its musical pillars and intricate carvings, the temple is an architectural marvel.


Our journey of Day 1 finally came to an end with a beautiful shot of the rising moon.


Hampi is bouldered. However each formation says a story. Like this: Nope I am not going to explain. Use your imagination.


Now Baburam – well that’s me as I roamed entire city wearing 2 different pair of socks.


That’s what Hampi does – brings out the best in you!!

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  1. Very nice travelogue. You made it better by having lots of pictures!


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