Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I was pretty excited about my 50th blog post. Had been wondering since past couple of months, as to what topic should I choose to mark the golden anniversary. Will it be a travelogue, a kid’s birthday party,  a random thought or an on the way experience?. Well, thanks to TOI and Mrs FunnyBones, the enlightenment finally happened today morning – the moment I read the article Luv, shuv and bheja fry by Twinkle Khanna in today’s edition of TOI and tried to compare it with the one published by Vinita Nangia – Love is not an emotion in yesterday’s edition of Times Life.

Two ladies, well established in their literary fields, albeit of different genre , pen their views about Love and importance of Valentine’s Day. The views are diametrically opposite. One talks about the depth it brings, the other glorifies the lust, one names it as a continuous feeling , the other weighs it in terms of chemical composition, for one its a tool of self empowerment, for other it’s a tool to continue the human lineage – and at the end all they do is leave me utterly confused.

Yes, there is a scientific aspect and a psychological one –  and you just can’t debate as to which one is right or wrong. As always, we always choose what fits the most in our current circumstances. Whether we need a valentine day to celebrate our love for someone – ask the person who finally received a long pending proposal, whether love is a feeling that flows constantly – ask the person who slogged his entire life to make others smile. Should we do things for momentary happiness or should we let the storm pass and pave way for a calm sunset ? Should we question our feelings based on what we read or should we develop a rational mind to let our feelings speak for themselves ?

Choose what is best for you, you might fall, you might err, but at the end all I know is that if you are true to yourself, if not anyone else , you’ll fall in love with yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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