Miniature Inventions!!

The world we live in today, witnesses numerous innovations every day, in varied fields be it IoT, automobiles, medicine or media. They always leave you in awe. However, these might not be very useful in our day-to-day grind. How often will I ask Echo to book a cab for me or say drive to work in self driving cars, especially when I am in Bangalore. Well unlike life, there are simple innovations which are less complicated, less geeky and more usable. I have a list below. None of these are part of my original bucket list, but small knick knacks which either made my life simpler or impressed me with their out of the box thinking. Check out for yourself:

Rewind headphone organizer by WitWorks


If my memory serves me right, this 199 INR product had been with me since past two years and had helped me keep my apple headphones untangled – end of story. Though the company is blinking now, I would love to see more such smaller creative products with good craftsmanship and longevity.

Lightning to SD Card Reader –


More about it here . Surprises come in small packets. This is one such device which had made my travel and photo sharing light and clutter free.

KeyChain Holder in Backpacks and Slings


A simple yet useful attachment to travel in peace without worrying about the thought of losing your keys. It really helps when you have OCD.

Portable hanging hand sanitizer –  

I had always find it very irritating to fish for a hand sanitizer inside my bag. It defeats the purpose.  Hence, when I saw my grandmom using a hanging hand sanitizer I almost freaked in joy. A simple thought which brings out the best of both worlds. Take a look here .

Cooled glove box –

The presence of this feature in my modest i10 Grand fills me with pride even after 3 years of purchase. I might use this only on long drives, nevertheless liked it enough to enlist it here.


I just finished a glass. Coke deserves this spot for its recently released advertisement.  I am not sure about the  morality aspect but it needs guts to accept your mistakes in this cut throat competitive market.



Finally a desi brand which impressed me with its digital display of money transfer while conferring MOM award in recently concluded T20 tournament. Good platform to showcase the business line, in its true avatar.

Will add as and when I find one.

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