Last night, the last piece I read was about the Indian historical saga of Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji. On one hand FB claimed that the aforesaid sultan of Delhi had 50000 boys in his harem, while on the other hand, Wikipedia glorified Jauhar ( self-immolation on a burning pyre) endured by Rani padmavati, once her husband and the ruler of Chittor, was killed in the battlefield . A battle fought not for power or supremacy but for lust and ego.

Sadly, I dreamt of Jauhar. Walls of the fort,  lit dimly , the labyrinth painted in typical Rajasthani art, Rani padmavati( I actually saw Deepika padukone) dressed like a bride flanked by several other ladies , overlooking a deep pit with roaring flames. Since this was a scene to my eyes, while I kept thinking would they just jump alive , a lady slit open the throat of the queen and pushed her on the burning pyre. I woke up, and had been wondering since then , about the fallacy of Indian rituals and traditions. Or was the love so deep and pure that they were ready to embrace the worst torture and toughest pains built for the human soul. Beats me!!

I am eagerly waiting for the movie now. Hope Mr. SLB does not disappoints me this time.

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