Nifty Fifty & My Thoughts As IS!!

Its been long since I took the lens in hands and even longer since I visited My site.

This weekend, got an opportunity to combine both. Had rented AF-S Nikkor 50mm f 1/1.8G lens from Toehold. The registration process here was quite simple and hassle-free . They also offer pick and drop service at a nominal price, which made the entire process less cumbersome and time efficient.

I had 3 days in hand, to try out my compositions. Had added couple of those below, along with my musings.


This was my first shot, inspired by an image I had seen earlier on an online portal. I had to lie further low to click the shot I desired. However, this being in front of my apartment, couldn’t stoop further. Was afraid of  people rushing out with water-bottles or start dialing  111.



W.r.t creativity, I rate this shot the highest. The thought came almost instantaneously and the outcome is quite beautiful too.



My Favorite shot – exudes femininity to its core by displaying colors, grace, and an ornament every woman loves to adorn.



Shot at a nearby temple, more than its serenity, this image will always remind me of the excitement of kids and priests alike, when I requested their permission to shoot this decorated Trishul.



Something I had been longing to try since a very long time. Again, the mall crowd got me intimidated initially,  but a little courage is all you need to ensure a beautiful ending.



What about this ? Hmm..I just clicked this for the linearity, and the fact that my balcony is visible in the background.



This is invariably the cutest of all. Gifted by RJ, almost 5 years back, I guess this pic captures the sharing and caring aptly. The attire makes me yearn for the smell of freshly baked bread and the shopping basket urges me to make the much awaited trip to a countryside soon. Hey, did you notice the small rat below ? Is that Ratatouille?



Looks Yummy, I bet it was. Well , I dared to bought this chocolate fudge to get the curled cream shot, but ended up with one above. I liked the way the focus plays tricks, with being sharp at sections and blurred otherwise.



I am a fan of mirror shots, and couldn’t resist to click the Barbie duo . Why pink, well my friend’s daughter is a fan of everything pink. See below.



As VM said, this shot captures emotions , innocence and has a fun element imbibed. Shows the age we want to go back to, when life was as simple as blowing water bubbles as against bubbling our brain to blow all our worries away.

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