Facebook Post Linkage

Well this requirement stemmed from my inability to link my query on Uber India page on Facebook to a post on my Facebook page.

So the situation is thus:

We Uber Pool while back from work. It’s been close to 3 months and we had always been at max  3 passengers during our pool ride. We chose Ola once and were disappointed to see that it allowed 4 passengers, thereby causing a lot of inconvenience if you are thrust in a car with strangers around. Hence even if Uber increased the fare exponentially, we decided to stick with same, until today. We had 4 passengers in Uber Pool. I needed an answer. Hence I googled for Uber help and was redirected to Uber online help page. I submitted my query here and was asked to validate a mail sent to my email id, within 24 hours. Almost an hour had passed, and I had not received any mail from Uber. I decided to give another shot on their FB page. The conversation is thus:


Once my worst fears were confirmed. I used “What’s On my Mind” feature on FB to post what’s on my mind :

“Uber Pool – 4 riders are permissible. All this while I thought Ola is minting money by inconveniencing the passengers.”

How do I link this with the post on Uber India page ?

If someone hovers over my post or a small icon denoting link, he should be able to see the post on Uber India page to get the confirmation from Uber itself, rather than relying on my assumptions.

Now as I write this post, I realized that I could attach the same snapshot as above to my post as well. Good Workaround I would say, but what if there are multiple linkages or what if the conversation is too huge to be captured in a single snapshot.

FB, does it make any sense to you ?

Update: It is possible, to some extent. Please see Link Facebook post. This allows only one comment and not the entire conversation. Nevertheless, might be useful when you just want to make a statement. If someone needs the context, he’ll scroll.

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