Dilli Haat

Oh no not again! Is this your reaction when someone asks you to meet at a city mall for an evening hangout? If your answer is yes, look no further.

Dilli Haat is the perfect place for you.

A brain child of Delhi Government, this Haat or bazaar or marketplace is an amalgamation of crafts, food and fun. Underneath its open roof, you can explore handicrafts from different states of India along with the delicacies of this varied geography.

Right from the paper mache stuff of Kashmir to the crafts of Andhra, from the colorful mirror work of Gujarat to black stone pottery of Manipur and shell products of Bengal, the artifacts on display will leave you awestruck with rich Indian heritage.

Please note that on usual days, this bazaar opens at 2 P.M. If you are a serious shopper be here by 4 P.M , and if you are a serious foodie who likes a tinge of rustic ambience, be here by 7 P.M. I was here by 3.30 P.M. The entrance was in the process of getting ready for an upcoming exhibition and shopkeepers were just lining up.


Even before you enter, you can see local vendors selling colorful jewellery and hair braiding stuff.


In continuation of the theme, the female security check enclosure, is no less when it comes to colors and innovation.


Once inside the premises , you can instantly feel the essence of a local haat with shops lined up on both sides, in permanent walled fixtures .

Our first stop was at Durries from Mirzapur U.P. These were in all shapes and sizes and prices too. Ideal for cozy winters and soothing summers.


Next in line were garments galore from Bhalgalpur, Benaras and Kashmir.

And you need not go out to accessorize your garments. Everything is right here.

Perfect pair of shoes too from the land of Cinderella and the Shoemaker and the Elves.

The haat is also laden with exquisite home decor items.

Amongst all these, below doormat stole the show.


Now as you know, in addition to art and craft, each state of India has a distinct gastronomical taste, which was visible in below stalls,


and numerous food outlets, where you could try litti chokha from Bihar, momos from Sikkim, pyaaz kachori from Rajasthan and universally loved fruit beer and kulhad chai.

Like I mentioned in the beginning it’s a better replacement for a mall outing. You must be wondering what about tiny tots. So here’s something for them:

Well in my case I was the tiny tot with below folks to keep me company and ensure that I behave myself in this wild jungle of fun and frolic.


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