This is A MAN

If you had ever read his novel, you know whom I am talking about – one and only Sir Jeffrey Archer.

Had the privilege to hear him tonight at a book signing event hosted by Crossword, at VR mall , Bengaluru.


All I have to say is that each and every moment of those two hours was totally mesmerizing.

Punctual as a gentleman is expected to be , he was at the venue by 7:10 P.M. Soon after his arrival, the master story-teller was at work, narrating his initial tours, his take on Bangalore’s traffic, Bollywood movies, and inspiration behind Clifton Chronicles. He also mentioned about his favorite Indian author – You want to take a guess. Yes, it can only be Sri R.K. Narayan –  A man as simple and humble a story teller as his admirer.

To quote Jeffrey Archer with the bits from my memory – ” There is a difference between a writer and a story-teller. A writer has everything plotted out, a story-teller goes with the flow –  he is the one who compels you to turn a page – like Jane Austen did with Ema, he is the one who writes about a simple tax-collector from a simple village like R.K.Narayan, he writes something he can relate to –  not about goblins and ghosts.”

Sir Jeffrey Archer is 76 (DOB 15th April 1940. he is an Aries :)). At the age of 70, he decided to write a novel which would keep him occupied for next 5 years.. Isn’t that wonderful. When people think of retirement, he is still going strong. And as if this was not enough, he mentioned about hidden clues in “This Was A Man” , as regards what he plans to do in next 5 years. Really commendable. I realized that, this is what is referred to as “passion” for work, if at all you want to call it work.

The narrations were followed by Q&A. Attendees were well rehearsed to bring out the best from the author. When questioned as to what is one thing he wanted but could never achieve, the reply was “Captaining England cricket team”. He acknowledged that we all do what we are second best at. He urged people to follow their dreams and choose a job which would make them get up from the bed every morning.

Once an hour was up, we were supposed to queue up for the autograph signing event. As expected, it was a chaos. For the first time, I cheated, in anticipation of getting the signature. And could finally manage one.

You need a pic of my signed copy – sorry I can’t. Why?? Well, that’s a different story.


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