Tag Emails

I was tired of creating folders and moving mails to their respective place, manually. Yeah, I am aware of so-called filters, rules, but none of them work on a concept – it’s always a categorization synonymous with the caste system in India –  if you are from so and so, you can sit here, if you carry an attachment of holy lineage – this is your seat, if your words are pious , there you go. If none of these are true, you stay in Inbox, like several other unscrupulous souls.

To me the purpose behind collating mails in a folder is to group relevant data together for faster search. Thinking it aloud, why not have tags/attributes in an Email client, with a facility to search on those.

For e.g. After 10 years I felt the need to connect with my engineering batch mates. Yes,  am not in touch with some of my gang . So, I start an email communication with each of them, thereby initiating a correspondence with say 10 different email ids. If I want to group them together in a folder, what criteria do I choose – obviously I am not gonna create a rule for each . Here comes the tag – As I enjoy reading an email from DD, I tag her mail with SMIT. There could be 100 such mails in a year – yeah I am not being realistic here, no one has the time these days. However, just a search on “SMIT” in my inbox will give me all the mails, I wish to read again and again.

With people, Google Circles can be thought of as a workaround, but what if you want to manage your expenditures for a month.  Tag your broadband/phone/electricity/credit card bills with “Sorrow” and a search will show the reason behind.

Let me know if you think there is an answer, which I am unaware of.

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