The Serai, Kabini

The word Serai is defined as an overnight resting place for caravans.

Herein lies the essence of Serai – A chain of resorts by Cafe Coffee Day group where you can check-in to rest your tired body, and rejuvenate an overworked mind.

Once the decision was made to visit Kabini, the next task at hand was to hunt for the accommodation. JLR are best if you are a wildlife enthusiast and your sole purpose of visiting Kabini is to frequent forests to max. Our agenda was different. I needed a combination of adventure and luxury. Orange County with its high price tag was not an option. WaterWoods looked cool – but gallery images and tripadvisor spider reviews didn’t appeal much. Red Earth with its rustic look is good for people who want to be one with nature. Serai seemed perfect as per the requirements.

The bookings can be made via email. The process is smooth and accommodating. The cancellation policy is bit harsh, no refunds are allowed, if cancellation is not made a month in advance. Hence, book this place, only if you are 100% sure of your travel plans, barring last-minute happenings.

The check-in time is 1 P.M. We reached by 1.30. Post registration formalities, we were offered a welcome drink, followed by a debriefing by the manager about the facilities – paid and free , safari inclusive.These sequence of events were conducted in lobby area,

housed in the main reception .


The resort is flanked by Kabini backwaters and has ample greenery around. dsc_0305


There are 3 category of rooms –  Waterfront Verandahs – rooms with a common balcony


Waterfront Villas – Individual/Twin villas with private balconies and hammocks to enjoy the nature at leisure.

Front View:


Rear View:


And finally the Residence which supposedly has a pool inside.

The exterior facade of the villas are tastefully done.

And plush interiors are no less, when it comes to comfort and elegance.

The frames on the wall never let you forget the purpose of your visit.

All villas are river facing and allow ample soul-searching opportunities as soon as you wake up.

As expected, the resort is well equipped with bare minimum necessities of a well maintained swimming pool:


GYM: pool facing


Bar and the Library with an attached gift shop. Library is the only place in the resort which houses the idiot box.

Oma Spa – bliss based on your time and affordability.


Games arena, which includes T.T, carom, foosball, chess and Ludo for the younger group.


Now for the outdoor activities:

Kayaking –  though chargeable , a peaceful exercise when you want to spend some free time. You can also go for motor boat through the same jetty.

Cycling – Tried this activity after 8 years and it was an absolutely exhilarating experience.

Bonfire – to let you have a cozy evening with a beer and your thoughts for company.


Archery, cricket, volley ball and badminton courts – for corporate outings, are spread across the main lawn.


There are guided nature walks and bird watching as the resort offers ample scope for both.

A novel way to inform residents of these activities is via below hoardings:

A place, which serves special mention is their restaurant – Wildgrass .



Ensure you opt for the American plan to enjoy the spread, thoughtfully prepared and tastefully presented to satiate your palate.

In addition to the restaurant, evening snacks are arranged at the Gumbaj in the lawn.


The entire resort is well-lit in the night, in the least obtrusive manner.



As for the mornings,  the vista will leave you speechless. dsc_0006

Try to try it yourself someday!!.

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  1. Awesome description! Awesome views… must try it, sometime!


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