Kabini – Continued..

This blog is a sequel to my earlier post : Kabini – Land Safari.

Here, I’ll share with you my first boat safari experience.

The day, BRM mentioned about boat safaris, my bucket list got a new entry. 3 days back, I was able to tick it off too.

We need to go through Jungle Lodges and resorts for Kabini safari excursions. Serai folks dropped us at JLR at designated time – around 4 P.M and off we started on our  boat ride.

The first thing you would notice, is trees jutting out from the river bed. As revealed later, these trees are remnants of an earlier flourishing landscape, which had been washed away by repeated floods. Nevertheless, with birds perched on every branch, these bare barks paint a beautiful picture.


You need to sit through a 15 min boat ride through the main river before it meanders its way into the forest territory. During this ride, we noticed fishermen, trying their luck at the last catch of the day .


We also crossed a huge Machaan or a river house..give it the name you want.


A little further , and we saw this lazy bum waking up after a deep slumber.


Next in sight was a majestic eagle , perched high, to emphasize its reach. Well being honest, a look at this pic always reminds me of GOT.


By this time, the boat was filled with the excitement of Elephant spotting at a distance. The blades roared  and we were near the herd in no time.


There were 2 males, as evident from their tusks, one baby and guess 5 females. They looked at us and ignored, we definitely looked harmless. One activity which was new to me was the way they were sifting grass to prepare their food. So what if they are animals, they maintain hygiene too.

After this visual treat, we headed further in anticipation of spotting the big cat. On the way, we saw several species of birds.

The only thing I remember about this couple is that the beautiful one is male. Quite surprising.




I apologize for being unable to furnish names of these exotic creatures. Lesson : Ensure that you talk to your naturalist a lot and try to gather as much information as possible.

It was time for sun to retreat, but not before it castes a golden hue on undulating water, giving me the most memorable shot of my trip.


Who said only humans have curved silhouette. They have it too.


It was time to go back. We couldn’t spot the tiger but what we saw next took my breath away.

Jungle animals munching their evening supper in perfect harmony.


With this peaceful image, our boat safari came to an end.

Hope I was successful in bringing alive my experience of a perfect conglomeration of God’s creations , which if left untouched can create the most beautiful existence on earth.


P.S. Omission of humans from this shot is deliberate.

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