One Indian Girl

Had just read the first para and could visualize Supriya Pathak heaving a huge sigh, on being informed that adequate rooms are unavailable for the marriage guests. That’s Chetan Bhagat’s -One Indian Girl –  a script for a Diwali blockbuster Bollywood movie. Was intrigued to read this book once friends went gaga over it in WhatsApp group chats. Time pass read, finished in one day, … Continue reading One Indian Girl


A river, which is a source of life not only to human beings, but a vast population of wildlife which thrives in its backwaters in Nagerhole National Park. This blog is dedicated to Kabini Forest Reserve, a mystic abode to a wide range of flora and fauna, which has time and again, charmed visitors by its hidden treasures. I was no exception. Here are the … Continue reading Kabini

Google Maps – Traffic & Route Predictions

As mentioned in my earlier posts,  I rate Google Maps as one of the most useful offerings in today’s world.  It has bestowed upon us a carefree attitude and confidence to mark the world our way.  Since we use it so often, it’s but natural that we seek more features to make our navigation experience better. Here I enlist 2 features,  which I could think … Continue reading Google Maps – Traffic & Route Predictions

A lot can happen over Coffee

I was tired. Not physically, but it’s the mental exhaustion I am referring to. Data structures professor had stacked all my grey cells and the only savior was D Paul’s cold coffee which stood majestically on the small table in front of me, waiting to be gulped down in one shot. On a regular day, this is exactly what would have happened. Today was different. … Continue reading A lot can happen over Coffee