Card Reader Vs Wi-Fi Cards

Yes, I am a gadget freak only to the extent of making my life simpler. Quite ironical huh!!

Of late, I had been looking for options to transfer images from my DSLR to another electronic device while on the move. As far as possible, I prefer traveling light. Hence carrying a laptop was not an option, unless its a MAC. Problem is I don’t own a MAC and was hesitant to shell out a bomb for acquiring one.

The solution I was looking for, was the ability to transfer images to my iPad, to be able to include them in my wordpress journals, while I am still at the resort and to ensure I do not see “card is full” error again. No, carrying a second card or buying one with a higher capacity wasn’t quite appealing.

As an answer to my queries, Nikon advertisement in newspaper introduced me to the world of Wi-Fi SD cards. Now, I know they had been around for almost a decade, but my poor soul was oblivious to their existence.  And boy, they just fascinated me. After a bit of research, zeroed down on eyefi Mobi pro 16 GB SD card, only to realize its not available in India. No worries. BRM can definitely fetch this for me, from his US trip. Once convinced, I had started imagining all the wonderful possibilities which laid in front of me. However, before shelling out 4K, I needed to be sure of the investment being made. Hence posted this query on Darter Photography facebook page. And bang came the obvious reply: Use card reader, DUMB!!

Searched again and google landed me on Apple website : SD Card reader. Exactly the thing I had been looking for. Again, unavailable in India. No worries. BRM hai na…

Now there are two school of thoughts : One who would have preferred the wi-fi SD card, for the numerous capabilities and compatibility options, and then people like me, who are not futuristic, like to hoard apple products and would just stick to the solution to solve the problem at hand.

I had decided to go ahead with the Apple card reader, also because its 30$ less, and serves my purpose well. However, if you can donate, I would love to own a Wi-Fi SD card just to explore the technology. And I cannot settle for anything else than EyeFi, even though “Shop Now” option on Eyefi website takes me to Toshiba’s flash air storage solution on 🙂

Note: 24/10/2016 – BRM finally handed me one, and it works like a charm. The perfect solution to meet my requirements.

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