Viewfinder To Yercaud

There are moments in life when you just want to escape, from everything, from your work, family, boss, colleagues, relatives, city, home, thoughts and finally yourself.

Of late, I was experiencing such pangs of escapism a lot. And after my Kol trip in March, post which the drama unfolded, it had been quite a while since I had taken a break. My mom realized my need for a vacation and together we planned for a short trip to Yercaud in August 2016.

Yercaud is one of the less advertised hill stations of South India, nestled in the state of Tamil Nadu. How to reach, best time to visit, distance from Bangalore, what not to see, what to see, best hotels, homestays, blah blah – am not going to talk about these – please search on Yercaud blogs and you’ll get loads of information on same. What I have chronicled below, is my photographic view of the viewpoints of this place. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

The Seats: Yercaud might be the only place for family vacations – quite literally since it includes view points by name Ladies, Gents and Children seats. I would say, give a miss to Ladies seat and head to Gents and Children which are adjacent to each there. I could capture the best view from Children seat, which has a small park attached for kids and families alike.




Below is a warning at Ladies Seat – We do always warn, but people seldom pay heed.


Pagoda Point: This is more of a picnic spot, with a promise for a nice view point if luck is in your favor. Ours was not. Nevertheless, here we enjoyed shooting, archery, instant photo shoot and a decent view.



One unique feature of this place is a row of unfinished villas like these:


Just imagine the vista from this window and am sure you would vie for such houses too. On some probe, was told that these were undertaken by Tamil Nadu housing board, but had to be abandoned due to water crisis and some legal dispute. Not sure about the authenticity of same though.


Montfort School: Based on my blog search, I was pretty excited by the fact that finally I would get to visit a convent. However, this happiness was short lived. I was allowed only few feet to click pictures. It’s indeed majestic.




 THE LAKE: No hill station is complete without a lake and Yercaud was no exception. We are. We didn’t visit the lake but the Lake view point .



This place is in the main market area and offers ample options for foodies right from bhajis to roasted bhuttas.



Most of the corn vendors here, use below machine for roasting, which I guess is a specialty of this place – an evolution based on the climatic conditions.


Marble map as shown below is also a first of its kind, I believe.


I was told that below shop offers the best tea at Yercaud. Hmm. it was quite milky for my taste though. Next time am planning to try ginger lemon tea and omelet.


Kiliyur Falls: Yercaud is blessed with a waterfall for you to enjoy only if you can trek 250 steps.


The Temples: There are 3 in Yercaud and thanks to my company we visited all. I must admit that all of them were beautiful and distinct in their own way.






The last one is the Shevaroy Cave temple and supposedly, the highest viewpoint at Yercaud. The scenic beauty of this place was breathtaking.


Just a glance at this, and I wanted to fly too, to run away and then all of a sudden something fell in my eyes, irritating, hurting , as if reminding me  –  This is not the reality, accept the pain and go on..

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