La Four Seasons, Yercaud

A boutique resort, nestled in the hills of Yercaud, La Four Season is an ideal destination to spend an idyllic vacation, away from the cacophony of city life.

With not many options left in elite Yercaud resort circle, I had booked a Standard Villa in this resort for a 2N/3D stay. However, a step inside, and I realized that I had made the right choice.


The resort is camouflaged by lush green trees and an artificial waterfall.  Small bridges, stone pathways and stone seating ensure that you feel one with nature. The place is tastefully done, owing to the fact that owners themselves are well renowned architects.




The entrance to the reception reminded me of Shalimar (movie). This is the most innovative pathway I had seen in ages and was totally thrilled by its design.


The resort adorns ample swings and hammocks for a relaxing touch. Had spent an entire evening on one below with a book to keep me company.



In addition to the waterfall and the small jig at the lobby, the villas are surrounded by small ponds with beautiful lotus blooms.


Whilst maintaining natural surroundings, modern amenities are not forgotten to ensure guests receive a wholesome experience.

There is a well maintained kid’s play area as well as an indoor arena. The Indoor play area houses a huge variety of games for all age-groups.


The swimming pool is an added advantage and as per the norms has a toddler’s as well as an adult pool.


My favorite of all was their library.  They had books to suite the likes of every genre, right from Asterix, Arvind Adiga, Sudha Murthy, Enid Blyton, Dan Brown, you name it, they had it.


I was amazed to see their collection and confused too. Picked up Gulzar but after two pages realized it was not my cup of tea. Started Chanakya Chant with a cup of coffee, only to be interrupted at times by the noise from reception below. Creating a library in a secluded place would have been a better idea.

The nights are not dull either. Bonfire and regional songs kept us totally entertained.


A distinctive feature of this resort are beautiful Warli artwork on the walls, like the one below. Hats off to the architects.


Now coming to the rooms. Ours was the least expensive, but no less in comfort.

There is also a small sit-out with 2 chairs,a table and TV. Deluxe rooms include a recliner, instead of regular chairs. Next time I would prefer those, to ensure I am able to read my books the whole night. A bewildering feature is their Samsung digital door lock. Beware when you are with kids to ensure you are not locked outside.


They have a veg and a non-veg restaurant overlooking the pool, as shown in the pic below. Though I don’t have a shot of their interiors,  their chef and room service needs special mention. The food was very much  to the likes of our palette-less oily and non-spicy. Right from south-indian, chinese and noth-Indian, every cuisine was prepared to perfection. Their breakfast buffet spread was elaborate and thoughtful.


The resort is on a higher altitude, away from the lake, and that explains the complete absence of mobile signal. Hence no calls, no fb, no whatsApp- a blessing in disguise.

Another aspect which I want to highlight is their courteous staff and the trust factor which they exude. I was allowed to take the library book to my room, without any written communication. During bill payment, I was asked my debit card pin since they need to swipe the card at a place which is a km away. So, if you have stopped believing in mankind, ensure you carry sufficient cash.

In a nutshell, a great experience of enjoying man-made beauty in the lapse of nature.

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