My Mommy Strong Is!!

There are different kinds of mommies – tech-savy mom, facebook mom, helicopter mom, fashionista mom, shopaholic mom, masterchef mom, superstitious mom, perfectionist mom, and last not but not the least : vanilla MOM – who is the base of all and has a heart filled with selfless love and unending care for her children.

Barring one or two from the list mentioned above, my MOM pretty much harbors all the qualities, though not in equal proportions. Is that a reason to complain – not at all. Did she imbibe all in us – yet to find out.

Well, shifting the focus to my mom now, let me tell you, that with a strong academic background, she always ensured that me and my younger sibling, never falter in our academic aspirations and are financially independent individuals in this skewed patriarchal society. Dad was always around to support her.

Now its her turn to taste that independence, through her humble effort of imparting the knowledge of ABACUS to younger generation.

Let me take you through her ABACUS routine:

This is how her class looks like: beckoning the kids to two hours session.


And this is the look it bears once the action begins:


The smile lasts on the faces for initial minutes, before MOM transforms into an Indian goddess (we know who) and ensures that kids do take their work seriously and do justice to the age old tradition of numerical system.


For next two hours, she is on her toes, either explaining the concepts or correcting the wrong-doers, without a single frown on her forehead along with a display of utmost patience.

Well we all know that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. There are such moments, when kids turn teachers and get to work out on the mammoth ABACUS. And well, this time they taught me too.


Once the class is over and kids are back home, the first question she asks me ” How did it go? “.  Like a kid looking for an honest feedback and trying to figure out any scope for improvement. I know the reason behind this: She wants to give her best at the job she likes, to ensure the kids of today are well equipped to understand the Indian taxation system of tomorrow, which with its exponential growth, will soon need a sharp brain and a calculative mind.

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