DIY: Rajasthani Phad Painting

I am unable to recall as to how I ended up on the website of Gaatha,  but am glad I did. It helped me choose my next DIY project – kits to introduce kids to art and crafts practiced in different states of India. Yes,  I do feel childhood is the best phase of human life and just thought of reliving those moments all over again through these kits.

These DIY kits, manufactured by Potli, are available at several websites. However the most appealing look has been fabricated at Gaatha. Check for yourself : Potli Link

A cursory glance at this webpage, confirmed that I share my taste with several others. To my disappointment, kits of Warli, Madhubani and Bandhani were sold out. However there is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds. I got an opportunity to get closer to my roots and ordered the kit to get myself acquainted with Rajasthani Phad painting .

Phad painting is a style of religious scroll and folk painting, practiced in Rajasthan, India.  Since I had never heard about it before, and kind of felt guilty about this fact,  preferred spending 295/ INR to create those historical moments when these scrolls were the source of entertainment as against Instagram and Facebook.

The package was delivered within 3 days, neatly wrapped in jute cloth as against hard cover packaging of the likes of flipkart and amazon. Appreciate the Go Green initiative.


There was a second layering of bubble wrap – like a teaser before the finale.


Once past this layer, the folktale was in front of my eyes in its full glory.


The back cover talks briefly about this art, creator of the cover page painting, and contents of the kit.


Once I confirmed my eligibility, couldn’t wait more to open the kit to curb my enthusiasm.



I have to admit that it was really very kiddish. To prove I was not mistaken, tried my hands at this art for 10 minutes.  Believe me, the calmness this activity bestowed on me, was exactly the one I had been waiting for anxiously, since a very long time.

The contents are apt for a kid’s project – set of 10 color cards, 2 brushes, 6 poster colors, 2 book marks and 2 gift tags.  2 sachets of turmeric and rice had been included to create natural dyes, as originally used in these paintings.  As a kid, I would have bugged my mom to ensure I use only natural colors and not the ones supplied in the kit. Now, I understand that all is not so pure, and at times, you need to mix  shades of impurity to give life, the desired color and ease.

I’ll sign off now, with a promise to post pics of my finished attempts. Till then,  hope you enjoy these shots:




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  1. thanks for posting this, Vinita. Glad potli could help you relive your childhood, and connect with your roots. You can order other art forms from Jaypore / tadpole. We will be happy to share your feedback on our fb page .
    pooja ( Potli)


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