Wikipedia definition: Designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight.

What if on a dark night, its raining hardships and misery  and there is no Umbrella to shield you ?

This is the affliction borne by the protagonist of the short movie Umbrella.

Set in Mumbai, India, the movie portrays the plight of young delivery boys, who had left their villages, in search of livelihood, and are ready to dare any daunting task, to ensure their family back home can live in peace.

The movie is well-directed and actors, though newbies, are very convincing with their facial expressions and dialogue delivery.

The movie brings to light a crude reality of the society – wherein we penalize the delivery servicemen for any delay, without thinking twice that there are several natural and man-made factors which might have made them, miss the guaranteed delivery deadline.

Highest Customer Satisfaction = Maximum market gain. As consumers, we never miss an opportunity to take advantage of this formula, by haggling with the delivery boys even if there is a delay by one min. It satisfies the ego I agree.

However,  next time,  just give a thought to the person at the receiving end. For you spending 650/ on a single meal might be more humane than making someone’s family go without food for 5 days, just because of your desire to prove as to how smart a money-saver you are.

Extend your umbrella of help and support to the needy. Believe me, no good deed goes unnoticed. If not anything else , it will enable you to enjoy a good night sleep with a clean conscience and a beautiful heart .

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