Being off dairy products for almost a month now, with occasional bouts of B&R, I jumped at the proposition of a vegan lunch at Carrots, Koramangala, Bengaluru, India, Asia.

The idea was to relive my old palate without feeling guilty about it. Was I able to do that? Let’s find out.

To start with, we were pleased with the restaurant decor. A warm, inviting, colorful place tucked on the first floor of an erstwhile lackluster construction.



The interiors are neat and bear a touch of North East India.



The walls are adorned with reasons as to why you should adopt the Vegan style of life.

Small message cards add on to the Vegan cult in a very subtle but sweet way.

Once past the euphoria, we started browsing the menu, which is so elaborate that instructions had been included as to how to read it. Liked that.

If you think Vegan diet is bland and boring, a look at the menu will prove you wrong. There are soups, juices, milk shakes (soy/cardamom/almond just to name a few), Indian and continental starters, pizzas, wraps, pastas, burgers, Indian curry, chapatis, Chinese, Desserts and then their special Carrots Healthy Meal. Phew…and all Vegan.

Our order was thus:

  • Crimson Punch, Fruit Fusion, Sinful Bourbon Blast shake
  • Hot Platter Starter – Falalfel, Aloo Corn Tikki, Croquettes served with Barbecue sauce Hummus and Green Chutney
  • Espanol Pizza
  • Sugar Free Chocolate ice-cream

Juices were fresh with no added sugar, Blast shake was made of Soy milk, pizza had tofu and herbed cheese sauce, and dates were used to sweeten the ice-cream. All these, including the complimentary soy buttermilk , “Surprise Me” Jamun, old Bollywood instrumentals and a superb service, made our lunch a fulfilling experience.

They have a bakery wherein you can order Multi grain Muffins, Pineapple Panancotta and I guess I saw a pastry too.


White-boards had been used extensively, again a simple yet elegant way of putting forth your point.


Please do visit their website, to understand their menu, home-delivery options and a very interesting Fair Trade concept.

Am not asking you to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, my recommendation would be to try this place once – and eat at peace with no worries of putting on loads of cholesterol and burst the myth that plant-based food is boring.

Finally the team at Carrots who deserve a round of applause for this brave venture.


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  1. Veganosaurus says:

    Thank you for the lovely blog post, Vinita. 🙂

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    1. Veganosaurus says:

      We’ve shared the link on our FB page now.

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