The reason I got so late , is because someone in Google doesn’t believe in a worldwide release of their iPhone Apps.  I could download Gboard only last weekend, that too at  a price – Thanks to AppStore’s obscure way of listing paid vs free apps.

What is Gboard?

It’s the new iPhone keyboard from Google with below capabilities:

First and foremost,  it allows Glide typing, much missed by iPhone users. I would prefer it to SwiftKey.

Second and may be the most advertised capability:  you need not leave the messenger in case you want to search for movie shows and a restaurant thereafter, for a dinner date. Google search is built in, right in Gboard.

Cool, yes, but how often do we search while chatting ?

Considering this , may be next feature might interest you: It let’s you search emojis and GIF thus:

If enabled in Gboard settings, it also lets you share your contacts via messenger.

Security had been addressed as claimed by Google in Gboard’s privacy info. And I believe them.

Gboard is not listed while entering iTunes store password. Next,  I tried logging to my bank app. Bingo, Gboard was missing again, when I tried the password field. Now this is cool.

Bringing in Google search capability right inside your keyboard is definitely user-friendly.

I had made it the default keyboard now.

Android loyalists, you need to wait. This might be the first app from Google with a preference for Apple users. The apk is yet to be published.

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