What Is Done Is Done

Hence, before you proceed – let me warn you that this experience might contain spoilers.

And there is no turning back!

How many times had this thought pumped our hearts ? How often have we soothed our aching lives with an imaginable wish to turn the Big Ben anti-clockwise and alter the course of destiny ? Well Time and Tide wait for none – an age-old dictum reemphasized in Rajat Kapoor’s latest play “What Is Done Is Done” – an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


This was not my first choice, but the entire experience made me believe that settling for second best is not that bad either. For one, it enabled me to capture some cool shots, hang out with one of my most favorite people and like an icing on the cake, gave me a smiling evening.

The play was screened at Chowdiah Memorial Hall , a venue famous for its musical architecture – true to the nature of the city it was built for.


What amazed me was the Google maps portrayal of same (courtesy VS)


We were inside the auditorium by 7 P.M, in anticipation that doors would be shut at 7:25 P.M


However, I forgot that this country runs on IST. The play started 20 minutes late.

And the start startled all. Vinay Pathak and Jim Sarbh as Clowns convinced us that it’s going to be a roller coaster ride of laughter,  agony, tragedy and despair.  Ranvir Shorey as Macbeth impressed the most with his command on dialogue delivery.  Banquo was the character, you would sympathize with. Finally the three witches, who also characterized the wife’s persona established the fact that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman (It was a deliberate attempt on my part to not to use an adjective here) “.

All said and done, Macbeth would not have been the same if not for its Writer-Director Rajat Kapoor. I admired the adaptation –  a well blended narration of history and current affairs. For e.g Macbeth trying to look for a signal in a forest and Banquo’s resentment on choosing a 4G connection, Macbeth’s comparison of pressure to kill, with that felt by IT folks of Bangalore,  ranting of the witches to Kitty party talks and the crowd’s fav – Banquo’s complaint of being frisked by security guards to that of nation’s son-in-law’s turmoil.

However, it was not fun and frolic all the way. When the clowns urged people to follow a state of anarchy – chew opium, snort cocaine, carry guns, gang-rape, tear the sacred scriptures and use them as toilet paper –  the crowd fell silent – We always do, when we realize how harsh the reality is.

Once the righteous act was done and curtains drawn, the entire cast received a standing ovation.  Smartphones sprung into action, to capture the scene. I preferred to capture the essence, because it’s easy to delete the physical data,  as against erasing the image etched in your mind.

Hail Macbeth !!

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