My Mommy Strong Is!!

There are different kinds of mommies – tech-savy mom, facebook mom, helicopter mom, fashionista mom, shopaholic mom, masterchef mom, superstitious mom, perfectionist mom, and last not but not the least : vanilla MOM – who is the base of all and has a heart filled with selfless love and unending care for her children. Barring one or two from the list mentioned above, my MOM … Continue reading My Mommy Strong Is!!


Being off dairy products for almost a month now, with occasional bouts of B&R, I jumped at the proposition of a vegan lunch at Carrots, Koramangala, Bengaluru, India, Asia. The idea was to relive my old palate without feeling guilty about it. Was I able to do that? Let’s find out. To start with, we were pleased with the restaurant decor. A warm, inviting, colorful … Continue reading Carrots