Nah, its not the commodity market I am interested in. This title stemmed out of my biggest worry since yesterday – How to transfer Phone Contacts from Micromax A1 to Redmi 2 Prime ?

I found the solution pretty cool and thought of sharing the same with you.

On Android One, go to Phone->Settings->Import/Export. You will be presented with below options:


Choose “Export to storage”. Once done, you would be asked to save it in  an SD card. In case you don’t have one, this option won’t work (quite obvio.. yeah).  Or else, try “Share Visible Contacts” and save the contacts in Google drive. I chose the latter.

In either case, the contacts will be saved as .vcf file (Virtual Card File).

Once done, configure Google Drive on Redmi 2 Prime (or any other android phone of your like and caliber), and just open the .vcf file saved earlier. Ta-da the contacts get imported.

I am not a believer in regular cloud or mail sync, hence this option worked like a charm.

Once the entire ordeal was complete, I felt so much at peace with my achievement, until the next question popped up – Why aren’t my configured images being displayed against the imported contacts ? Grrr…

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