Me You I

That’s how MIUI is pronounced. MIUI stands for Mi User Interface and is the experience you will encounter on owning an Mi or  Redmi phone.

A bit about my encounter now. It all started when Mom’s Micromax Canvas A1 started draining at the speed of light.  To lower the speed to that of a turtle, we tried battery replacement and service center circus. Neither helped.  Assigned with the self-inflicted task of locating a new smartphone, started the hunt yesterday night.

My Requirements list looked thus:

  • Decent battery life – First and foremost criteria
  • Minimum 16 GB internal storage – A1 always complained of less storage
  • Android – if not iOS, I am not left with any other options. Did someone say Windows?
  • NDTV Gadgets rating of >= 8 – Personal preference
  • Price Range : <=10,000 INR – To ensure parents don’t freak out

Googled  for “Best android phones less that 10k”.   Since several websites listed Mi and Redmi, decided to give it a try.

I was in for a surprise, when I realized that both Mi and Redmi are from same company, Redmi being the phone for mango people, like me.

Good reviews: NDTV Gadgets, decent price and after half an hour of turmoil, I was convinced that Redmi Note 3 is the one. Only to be disappointed later , when I learned of its unavailability. Flipkart, Amazon and Mi India website  – all 3, blatantly told me that this model is OOS and I need to switch to Mi 4i – as a matter of fact.

Since Redmi Note 3 is a recent entry, its complete absence from Indian market baffled me. I have noticed this trend with all such recent entrants. Last year, had to settle for lesser popular sibling YuPhoria as the popular model Yureka was sold out. This was not the case with the likes of Samsung or Sony. They always deprecated older models to make way for new ones, not vice-versa.  Frustrated as I was, resolved not to fall for the bait. Another half an hour, and I could zero down on Redmi 2 prime.

NDTV Gadgets rated it 7. I was not happy, but on seeing the Bad as “Shipped with an outdated version of Android”, I heaved a sigh of relief. No storage or incompatibility issues and I am sure my MOM won’t mind KitKat as long as What’s App, Chrome, Ola and Uber work.  Oh wait a minute, should I check with Rags about the cab aggregators support..Hmm ?

The latest thought has disrupted my thought process . Hope I don’t have to start my search all over again.

Nevertheless, would want to draw your attention to the Mi website. I found it pretty cool , in-fact liked it – very neat, visually stunning and informative. And then the realization dawned – is it very similar to -at least w.r.t to menu bar and the manner phones float on your screen.

As a parting thought, all I wish for is Me You I, well then What about Us ? 🙂

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