Inorbit Kids Carnival

I had been meaning to write this blog since last Saturday. Thought, through my blog , might be able to encourage DINKS to change their status and enjoy such gala events. However, as always, underestimated my laziness. And here I am, narrating the event 10 days after its occurrence.

With nothing much on hands for a Saturday evening, jumped at the proposal of accompanying a mom and kid for their Carnival expedition at Bangalore’s Inorbit Mall. Had heard a bad radio advertisement of same and wondered as to who would visit such a place. However, it’s occurrence in Saturday’s TOI attracted me – colorful, descriptive and loaded with fun.

Keeping my expectations low, reached the place around 5:30 P.M.



There was an excitement in the air. Mascots , Tattoo and caricature artists adorned the LGF arena.



There was a center stage, waiting for the right opportunity to explode with activity.


Weekend workshops were being held to keep the younger ones engaged. A visit to this stall, reminded me of my childhood summer activities.

DSC_0022 - Copy


In addition to the indoor fun, there was no dearth of outdoor activities.  Boating, Merry-Go-Rounds, Inflated rock climbing and jungle expeditions, ensured kids never got bored. DSC_0031


To add a bit of  rustic touch, arrangements were made to let kids try their hands at the potter’s wheel.


Boating and Pottery were chargeable – 100/ each.

I am a bit divided on the pricing aspect, as am not sure what would have I done with my kid. However, when it comes to yummy chaats, I am seldom in doubt.


The Raj kahori from YumLok was just perfect.

In the meantime, the crowd had started building up inside


And then the TALL GUY appeared.


I was so so excited to see him, cannot even explain how ecstatic the kids were. He shook a leg on a couple of Bollywood numbers and entertained young and old alike.

Next was the turn of team Agni.


Had never seen this dance before. Was wondering if this thrilled me so much, how much fun would it be to watch the street carnivals of Brazil.

After spending two hours with the Lilliput crowd and enjoying each and every moment to my heart’s content, came back home, happy for once at the judgement I made.

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