DDLJ & Clifton Chronicles

History repeats,  more so when it comes to romanticism and all the drama associated with it.
Thinking  of romantic melodrama , we have Bollywood, and then we have DDLJ.
For unparalleled story telling, there are novelists and then we have Jeffery Archer.
Connection – History repeats – Seb went to Mumbai from London to ensure he weds Priya before she gets married to a guy of his father’s choice . Very similar to the way , when ten years back,  Raj went to Punjab from London to marry Simran , before she is handed over to snobbish Kuljeet.
Both had a plan, both were impulsive and both were guided by the same burning desire – to spend the rest of their life with the love of their choice .
While reading this episode in “Cometh The Hour”, the penultimate novel in Clifton Chronicle series , I was transposed to the refreshing era of DDLJ.  An unforgettable movie which I can watch umpteen number of times. I am sure Jeffery Archer watched this movie at least once. Or else, why would he have named Priya’s mom as Simran.
Nevertheless, the plot might be similar, but the book holds a twist to the ethereal tale.
Watch the movie, read the book, then we can debate whether things deemed as unethical, stuff still unacceptable to Indian society at large are bound not to have a fairytale ending ??

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