Google Maps-Night Mode

In past couple of months, apart from ensuring that I reach my destination safely and with minimal on-road hassle, local cab aggregators had enriched my knowledge w.r.t usage of Google Maps.

Till date, I had been unable to muster the strength to take the wheels , though how much I would love to do so , for the carelessness and independence it brings. Hence, I had always relied on public transport or my Dad and friends to transfer me from one point to another. At times, if the journey is towards an unknown destination, I end up being the navigator. Not that I have not been rebuked for my poor navigation skills, but then Venus needs some time to think like Mars ( I strongly feel that’s not possible at all)

Coming back to TAXI rides, last Sunday morning, during my cab ride on ORR Bangalore, noticed the sudden switch of driver’s google maps to a darker tinge every time we crossed an underpass. It intrigued me.  After a bit of  googling, the funda of “Night Mode” dawned on me.


Came across couple of articles – dated back to August 2015 and all talking about the introduction of this feature in iOS – Google Maps Night Mode in iOS.  It had been in Android for quite some time – no one mentioned what that some is…

On  iOS, switch to night mode is automatic and is bound to phone clock. This time is not configurable and from my experiments so far,  looks like its hard-coded to 20.00 hrs.

Since the cab guy was on Android, am suspecting that in addition to phone clock, Google Maps on Android might also be using the phone light sensors or maps data to make the automatic switch to night mode. I am more inclined towards the light sensors, since the switch happened in the blink of an eye.

I really liked this feature and the thought which had gone behind.  Taking the onus of ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable ride is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks GOOGLE.

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