WhatsApp “Reply”

A new feature in Whatsapp……if you want to reply a specific message…now you can do it…select the post you want to reply..you will see a curved left arrow..select that and you can type your answer

For Apple phone users, long press the message and select ‘reply’.

A long awaited feature. Particularly useful in group conversations wherein you can refer to old messages with ease .

However, there is a small glitch. The history is not retained. As you can see below,  the message in whose response I had typed “Try1” had not been retained in second reply.


This is not cool. My SCM instincts, make me look for a feature enhancement, wherein I can see the entire conversation chain. Let’s take an example:

“Hey Avinash, you in Bangalore”

Aakash sends a fwd

In the meantime, Aayush sends another one.

Avinash “Replies” to my message: “Yes Abhilasha, reached here yesterday evening”.

Aayush, like a moron sends another fwd

Now Aakash “replies” to Avinash’s message ” How long are you here ?

here as in where??  If we would have maintained the history, the sequence would have ensured that anyone looking at Aakash’s latest message would have known that Avinash had reached Bangalore yesterday evening and his next reply would inform me as to how long he intends to stay at Bangalore.

May be WhatsApp only looks for short term plans.

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