WhatsApp Groups


“HI All”

“Any petals parents here”

“Hi, I am one. This is so and so”

“Hi so and so”

“Did u purchase d uniform yet?”

“Hi the confused parent, my son is in grade 1 and his uniforms are available only next week…”

And it went on…

This is a WhatsApp conversation from one of the groups I have the privilege of being subscribed to.

I had always wondered how do I politely tell people that once you have the requisite info, please unicast. Politely because, I had been told on face to stop such conversations in a group, but I never bothered, as long as I was convinced that I am doing a social favor.

In this particular case, the urge to help the society was missing.

Can’t we have “THE” google groups – “Reply privately to author” feature in WhatsApp?  Once the message had been replied to, there can be a visual indication informing that this query had been addressed. Hence no one else need to feel sorry for not being a Petal parent.

Another example of group conversations, where you want to go under hibernation, is when a friend visits some city and wants to catch up with her besties, at a time, suitable to everyone and at a place easily accessible to all.

I once had 100 unread messages on such planning, and the Chennai meet never happened. OMG.

How will I address this?

  • Create a broadcast list, and once a person replies, everyone would receive the reply. Well, this is not what Broadcast means – so not a good idea
  • Create another group – a temporary one – easy workaround
  • How about a subgroup with selective group members? Though the conversation happens in the same group, it will be visible only to selected group members. This solves the hassle of maintaining another group as well as saves the bandwidth of remaining group members.

Let me know, if you have more to add .

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