Did you take one today ? Was it allowed ? Did you shift the divider slabs ? If you think this to be a blabber, please watch the latest Kannada flick: U Turn.  It’s a fab film by Mr. Pawan Kalyan on the perils of traffic violation, negligent driving and the chaos it can wreak on the lives of common men.

Set in the city of Bengaluru, India, the film revolves around an Indian Express intern who wishes to make it big by interviewing traffic violators .  Little does she know, that she is on the brink of a startling discovery, which is  going to change her life forever. I am not going to delve into further details and be a spoil sport. The discovery is all yours to unearth.

What I would like to emphasize upon is the simplicity of the movie in every aspect – the coffee shop, conversations over smartphones and filter coffee,  fare surcharge by auto-driver, marriage rantings by parents, everything seems so close to a normal life.

There are no song sequences, which is a respite.

As for the actors, Shradhha Srinath is very convincing in her debut movie. Everyone else, too seemed to have played their part to perfection, except the DAD. He seemed a misfit in the entire scheme of things.

The USP of the movie is the message it’s trying to convey via a very simple but superbly implemented script.

If you are a Bangalorean or wish to be one – watch this movie for the city’s aerial view  – You’ll fall in love with Bangalore all over again…

If you are already in love, and have ever violated traffic – watch this movie as it would make you think twice or may be change your mind altogther before you break any traffic rules.

If none of the above are true, just go and watch this movie for all it’s twists and turns, before it makes the final U-Turn



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