I am not referring to your mind. After several failed attempts, I had realized, it’s practically impossible to do so.

However, it is possible to declutter your wardrobe, cabinets, office-drawers, in-fact any place which can be stuffed, including your tummy.  How ? I’ll mention the steps I took.

Wardrobes – Started following Sudha Murthy’s philosophy wherein she says for every new dress you buy, part with existing three. Well if not three, I at-least try to part with one.

Cabinets – I like Home Libraries and built one in my place, only to realize that I would need to upgrade to a 4 BHK, to accommodate my fetish.  Solution : Go digital as far as possible and reduce the impulsive tendency to buy at Airports. Clifton Chronicles, might be my last hardcover purchases.

Shoe-Rack: Same as wardrobe, for every new pair , discard an old one as far as possible. Ensure that it’s the same color and style. If not, am fine with retaining the existing ones.

Crockery-Unit: Like the hero utters in Pyaar Ka punchnama – “mug itne hai mere yahan ki unhe bechne jaon toh mahine ka kharcha nikal aaye” (if we sell all the mugs of our house, it would finance our bread and butter for a month). So, I stopped buying mugs – currently I own the below set.

Analyze your party gang and buy accordingly.  If not put to use, donate the old ones to the help.

Office-Drawers – Wait for the termination.

Tummy  – Wait for tomorrow morning.

Life :  If you had that figured out, let me know.

For rest, the advice is :

Don’t hoard – if you don’t need it now, you might never require it.

Differentiate between necessities and luxuries .

Learn to give – it helps you declutter and helps others enjoy the stuff, they were erstwhile deprived of.

Last, but not the least, try your best, not to land into a situation where you are forced to declutter, and have no clue as to how to get rid of the past and embrace the future.

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  1. Oye! Don’t ever givge away the mug I gave you 😝


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