“I had been waiting for a 500D since past 45 minutes”. The girl told me.

I was so wrong when I thought, only my waits are endless.

It was 6:05 P.M on a soothing Bangalore evening. With no signs of rain, I had just endured a walk of 600mt with a heavy backpack, only to hop into 500D and be back home asap.

With the comfort offered by local taxi service, it’s been long since I had commuted in BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses – especially the Volvos. Hence, was really looking forward to this ride – a distance of 10 km with earphones plugged-in and absorbed in the comfort of my thoughts.

6.20 P.M and 500D was nowhere in sight. Unable to bear the wait and weight any longer, took 500CA. This would at least take me closer to my destination. As they say, sometimes it’s the end and not the means which hold importance.

Surprisingly, no one was aware as to why 500D is not plying since past one hour. There is no information booth at its initiation – which is acceptable, considering we don’t have one at intermediate bus-stops, anywhere in India (Ahmedabad ?? – am not sure).  Googled and stumbled upon this –SMS Route Service – The company’s website has no information about any such service. Karantaka Mobile One app  includes a BMTC tile,  but no live feeds.

I am not asking for anything fancy – can’t we use the local mobile network among busmen and inform citizens about potential delays. This would help people make alternate arrangements in a timely manner.

Then it occurred, life would have been so easy iff BMRC (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation) had considered this stretch too.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, what matters is, I am in a city which had transported me safely in all my highs and lows and ensured I never broke down.

Cheers !!


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